The Nevero Senza HF 10 was approved by the FDA for use in patients with chronic back and leg pain in 2015. Our doctors offer this technology to patients who have lived with moderate to severe daily back pain that is not expected to go away. The clinical trials of the product involved 241 patients with chronic pain. The results showed that more patients responded to the Nevro Senza HF 10 than any other type of back pain device and that their pain was treated more effectively than with other devices.


What Is Different About This Technology

The spinal cord stimulation trial and lead technology delivered by Nevro through the Senza HF 10 device is up to 200 times more effective than the technology that is in the more common transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) units that many patients use for back pain relief. This stimulation is more effective because it is delivered at a higher frequency than TENS.

Who Can Get This Spinal Cord Stimulation Device

According to Nevro, you may qualify to receive this spinal cord stimulation device if you experience moderate to severe chronic back or leg pain. You must have the device for a five to seven day trial period. If the trial period is successful, our doctors may then schedule the implant procedure for the Nevro Senza HF 10.

Advantages of the Nevro Senza HF 10 System

The Nevro Senza HF 10 unit is also less expensive compared to many other back pain therapies. Our doctors are also able to place the Nevro Senza HF 10 unit using minimally invasive techniques. This means a faster healing time, less discomfort, smaller incisions and a faster return to your usual activity level. Because the implant uses a remote control, it is easier for patients to operate. There is no need to go to the doctor to have the frequency, intensity of duration of the stimulation adjusted. With the Nevro Senza HF 10 unit, you can perform your usual activities. There are no restrictions on driving or other routine things that you may need to do.


What to Expect from the Revolutionary Nevro Senza HF 10 Technology

With traditional TENS units, you feel a tingling sensation. This sensation can be uncomfortable or distracting to some people. The Nevro Senza HF 10 unit provides pain relief without tingling. The Nevro Senza HF 10 technology is the only stimulation implant that is FDA approved and causes no paresthesia in patients who use it. This means that you can set the unit to work while you are sleeping. It will not keep you up at night. When you wake up in the morning, you will not have to confront pain in your back. The unit functions as an implant and is effective at relieving back pain in more than 88 percent of patients.